Java: Rotating and scaling images – self-taught drawing free 100%

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Java: Rotating and scaling images – Drawing Tutorials here.

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Java: Rotating and scaling images
Java: Rotating and scaling images

Sorry for the small (և unfocused) image. How to create a JFrame – Upload image – Scale և Rotate, then draw that image. I used IDE Eclipse for this tutorial, so the shortcuts I mentioned will most likely only work on this IDE. Source code. The image used in the manual does not belong to me. ,

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26 thoughts on “Java: Rotating and scaling images – self-taught drawing free 100%

  1. piero calca says:

    To avoid to load the image every frame .
    Right click default package > import > file system > browse … and import , let say ,

    Before main , write this

    public static BufferedImage myImage ;

    myImage = File("src/myImage.png"));
    catch (IOException e)

    In paintComponent don't load the image but use directly " myImage" .

  2. Keith Scull says:

    What defines how wide of a rotation it is? I don't know how you got the apple to spin in the middle of the image but not actually change coordinates like that. All of the images I try, go off the frame and the entire image spins. Code is identical but just different images.

  3. Ibrahim Yaacob says:

    For those who having problem on image path..

    put the image in a newly created folder under the project folder, and set it as the build path. then inside the try catch do this

    img =;
    }catch(IOException e){ }

    hope it works with you guys

  4. Ted Baxter says:

    I needed to replace a portion of the code with this because I didn't know where to put the image and the code didn't tell me it couldn't find the image

    try {

    img = File(FileName));
    } catch (IOException e) {
    System.out.print("can not find image");

    put the image into the project folder – Tutorial

  5. M K says:

    It does not work for me, have all the code set up, image in my project location under Images folder, and it does show those images on my IDE however, the code does not load it, could it be because my image is .jpg?

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