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Histograms in R | R Tutorial 2.4 | MarinStatsLectures
Histograms in R | R Tutorial 2.4 | MarinStatsLectures

Histograms in R. How to create և change histograms to R Find a free practice database. (For more statistics և R programming manuals. (Learn Histograms vs. Probability Distributions (sample v. Population)) Here: In this R video tutorial, we will learn how to generate histograms with R ավելացնել increase the density curve to the plot using the “hist” և “lines” functions. We will also explain how to modify the histogram. More by adding headings, changing axis labels, changing the color or width of the line և much more by using “main”, “xlab”, “xlim”, “col”, “lwd” arguments և more: Table of Contents: 0:00:05 What is a histogram? Եւ When to use a histogram for your data 0:00:25 How to create a histogram with R using the “hist” function 0:00:30 How to access the histogram help menu in R 0:00:42 What are the default versions of histogram drawings in R “Mod 0? 01:03 How to change the y axis of a histogram by representing the “probability density” instead of the “frequencies” using the “freq” argument or the “prob” argument 0:01:45 How to change the x or y boundaries in R by using the xlim “or” ylim “argument 0:02:01 how to change the” bin width “of a histogram using the” breaks “argument 0:03:08 how to add a title to an R histogram using the” main “argument 0:03:18 , how to add labels to the x-axis or y-axis of the histogram using the “xlab” or “ylab” arguments 0:03. 31 how to change the values ​​on the y axis of the R histogram using the “las” argument 0:03:39 how to add a “density curve” to the R histogram using the “lines” command 0:04. 00 how to change the color of the density curve in histogram R using the “col” argument 0:04:07 how to change the width of the density curve in histogram R using the “lwd” argument These video tutorials are useful for anyone interested in data science and Learn statistics h R programming language using RStudio. Ավելին ավելին See more. Ություն Introduction to statistics course. Ata Data Science in R է Started in R (Series 1). Ra Charts և Descriptive Statistics in R (Series 2). ► Probability distributions in R (Series 3). Analysis in R (Series 4). : Linear regression in R (Series 5). OVANOVA concept և R yp hypothesis test. ine Linear Regression Concept և R lectures MarinStatsLectures Subscribe to Facebook. Twitter: Content creator. Mike Marin (Bachelor, Master) UBC Senior Lecturer. Producer և Creative manager. Ladan Hamadan (B.Sc., BA., MPH) These videos were created by # marinstatslectures to support some courses at British Columbia University (UBC) (#IntroductoryStatistics and #RVideoTutorials for Health Science Research), although all videos are available to us we make everyone free. Thanks for watching! Have fun և Remember that statistics are almost as beautiful as a unicorn. ,

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