Handbooker Helper: Dragonborn (Quick Build) – Learn to draw free 100%

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Handbooker Helper: Dragonborn (Quick Build)
Handbooker Helper: Dragonborn (Quick Build)

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Dragons master Chris Locke offers his magical knowledge to talk about Dragonborn in this episode of Handbooker Helper. Features of our friend Wendy’s doodles. Critical role translation subtitles. Twitch subscribers instantly use the VODs of our shows, such as Critical Role, Talks Machina, between sheets, և not all of them work. But do not worry. Twitch broadcasts will be uploaded live to YouTube 36 hours after the broadcast, and on iTunes, Google Play և Spotify, only audio versions of selected shows will be pre-broadcast. Twitch subscribers also use our official emote collection ի subscriber badges (designed by our favorite Critter Arsequeef) ուն the ability to post links in Twitch chat. Follow us! Website: Shop: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch. #CriticalRole #HandbookerHelper #DungeonsAndDragons.

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43 thoughts on “Handbooker Helper: Dragonborn (Quick Build) – Learn to draw free 100%

  1. Skyler Grace says:

    My first ever character for D&D was a Silver Dragonborn Paladin named Alduin Frostscale.

    I forget the name of the campaign we started off in, but it involved cults and Tiamat.. anyways the party was pushed back into the greenest castle, and the cults champion challenged the party to a 1v1 fight, me being the Dragonborn Paladin had the best chance at surviving it, so I/Alduin was voted to be the fighter.

    It was a back and forth battle, exchanging blows but due to my AC, ability to heal, and a weapon that dealt a small amount of bonus damage to dragon type enemies I ended up defeating him in battle and decapitated the cults champion who was also a Dragonborn although just a fighter.

    The party cheered and congratulated Alduin, and bestowed him with the nickname of "Scales" and the DM was surprised as he had tried to make the 1v1 fight impossible to win, and he misjudged how bulky and strong my PC was.

  2. Some Random Weeb says:

    My only options to giving Dragonborn tails is either make a new races, create a whole new story about why I'm special snowflakes which is why I'm TOTALLY different from my ENTIRE RACES, or re-write the damn lore because now there's no way to differentiate between Dragonborn to Half-Dragons, while we're at it why not just throw the whole damn book away because clearly there's no point in having one if you guys are just gonna do whatever you want with it.

  3. TheSnep says:

    Bruh, why am I nearly crying watching this video? I shouldn't be crying just because I play one as my first character and read lore on them. Where's that damn ninja?

  4. Garrow the Khajiit says:

    My first character was a blue Dragonborn monk. The first thing I did when I saw the race description in the 5E Guide was note that they don’t have tails. So I of course gave my Dragonborn a tail, but I also worked it into his backstory of being abandoned at the monastery due to this “birth defect”. The DM would sometimes have NPCs comment on it and if we trying to be incognito, he’d try hiding it under his robes (already being conspicuous enough just being a Dragonborn). He sometimes uses it for slap attacks just to mix things up, and I also headcanon it as being part of his high Acrobatics skill (better balance and all that).
    The reason he has a tail in-universe is that (unbeknownst to him but knownst to me) one of his grandparents was a half dragon.

  5. Christoffer Olsen says:

    the thing that cofuseses me is that they dont have night-vision. dragons are essentially magical lizards, and last time i chicked lizards can se in the dark. i know that can be fixed with homebrew, but still.

  6. Digaddog says:

    Dragonborn, (no not the skyrim kind) are likely the kid of a bard who finds dragons really hot
    So now you shoot acid. Or whatever other your parents preferred ass is

  7. Wolvesbayne 156 says:

    Why is it that almost every time I watch a video about D&D Dragonborn there is a Skyrim reference or 2 in it?? Just because the Last Dragonborn and D&D Dragonborn have the same name dosen't mean you HAVE to make a fuckin Skyim reference, people need to stop fuckin doing it

  8. Thevirtuous Craftsman says:

    I saw this video and got to the part about classes, and if you want a great combo, you should try a Dragonborn Bloodhunter. I play as a blue dragon with rite of the storm (and its awesome!)

  9. The AmericanFook says:

    I wanted to make a paladin dragonborn going down the oathbreaker path and getting warlock mixed in their. Not gonna happen after I watched these vids a couple dozen times

  10. James Gibbs says:

    I made a white dragonborn sorcerer with a cold. Whenever he sneezes, he accidentally casts gust on whichever poor sap is stood in front of him. He can, however, sneeze really hard. In which case, he uses his breath weapon instead.

    One of our party members blew a brass Horn of Valhalla and summoned 14 berserkers during combat. After the encounter, Archie sneezed and blasted one of them off a cliff.

    Later, after we killed a boss, Archie sneezed again and froze the body solid. At least we didn't need a body bag.

    I don't know who would actually find this interesting, but I'm putting it here anyway.

  11. Alkatron says:

    I heard that Dragonborn were once slaves of dragons on a paralell planet to our own and were transported here via rip in space, that is why they are so rare and just kinda popped into history. That's why they officially hate all dragons, even Bahamuth. The individual could know that that's stupid but will never speak about it to other Dragonborn

  12. Chris Forest says:

    I think it's really stupid that the core rules tie skin color to breath weapon. What if I want to be gold and breathe lightning during one of your official games? Did you ever think of that, Wizards of the Coast?!

  13. Tyro says:

    For those who don't know, there was a D&D chart of what species could interbreed with what…..Dragons were compatible with EVERYTHING.
    Also as a level 14 Sorcerer with the Draconic Bloodline Trait, you DO get dragon wings! Let your mighty wings cause you to soar naturally whilst the party is stuck on the ground HAHA!!!

  14. Danny Province says:

    Things I'd really like to see on handbooker helper:
    How to build a Gish
    How to build a dual arcane/divine spellcaster.
    How to build/play a tank rather than a big damage warrior.
    How to play archers or ranged spellcasters having a fight with medium to long range abilities instead of fighting within 60 feet.

  15. David Hoffman says:

    Paladin would be the best class, in terms of statistics, though. Fighter, Barbarian, Warlock, Sorcerer, and Bard would all be "second class" classes (as those classes focus on either Str or Cha).

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